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Conveyancing is the act of transferring property title from one person to another.

Conveyancing in New South Wales must be carried out by a Legal Practitioner, that is either a Solicitor, Barrister or a Licensed Conveyancer.

Licensed Conveyancers :

  1. are University Qualified.

  2. are required to carry professional indemnity and fidelity insurance.

  3. are qualified and equipped to see your transaction through to hassle-free completion.

  4. will not be distracted by other legal matters which often take up many days.


At Impact Conveyancing, Purchase or Auction Contracts can be reviewed and preliminary advice given on the same day!

Impact Conveyancing will coordinate your purchase from the vendor's acceptance of your offer to settlement or finalisation of the matter.

We will co-ordinate every step of the purchase and minimise inconvenience to you!

What we do for YOU!

  1. Meet with you (one-on-one) to explain the terms of the Contract in plain English. We are able to offer written advices if you are not able to attend our offices.

  2. Provide advice to you in relation to any cooling off period you may have been offered and negotiate any required extensions to that cooling off period on your behalf.

  3. Identify the pitfalls of a poorly drafted Contract and offer appropriate and workable solutions to protect your interests.

  4. Advise you on appropriate pre purchase enquiries such as a building and/or pest inspection or strata inspection to give you peace of mind.

  5. Attend to exchange of Contracts on your behalf.

  6. Coordinate with your bank or lender in relation to the provision and approval of the finance to purchase the property.

  7. If applicable, assist with your application for the First Home Owners Grant or NSW Home Builders Bonus and apply for any entitlements to stamp duty concessions.

  8. Attend to payment of stamp duty on the Contract.

  9. Calculate adjustments for rates and charges affecting the property.

  10. Prepare a settlement statement detailing how the funds for the purchase are to be disbursed.

  11. Prepare Electronic Notices of Sale and advise the Local Council and Water authority of the Change of ownership of the property.

  12. Attend at settlement on your behalf.

  13. Attend to post settlement procedures including provision to you of all required paperwork.

Selling a Property

At Impact Conveyancing draft Sale Contracts can be prepared within 24 hours from receipt of initial instructions!

Impact Conveyancing coordinates your sale from the preparation of a Contract to the finalisation of your sale. We will arrange the release of any mortgages or caveats and minimise inconvenience to you.

What we do for YOU!

  1. Prepare the Contract for sale for your property including obtaining all documents required by law and draft any additional conditions so that you are protected.

  2. If appropriate, we will also arrange for a survey report and or building certificate.

  3. Recommend additional special conditions for the Contract, if appropriate.

  4. Advise you on the terms of the Contract.  We also advise you in respect of any amendments which are requested by the Purchaser.

  5. Liaise extensively with your real estate agent to monitor the progress of your sale.

  6. Attend to exchange of Contracts.

  7. Deal with your bank or lender to arrange a discharge of your mortgage.

  8. Calculate settlement adjustments of rates and charges that affect the property.

  9. Attend at settlement on your behalf.

  10. Attend to post settlement procedures including notifying the relevant government authorities that you no longer own the property.